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How You Can Help!


We just received word (August 30, 2019) that the ordered investigation into Dusty's request for a pardon has been completed.

The report has been returned to the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Now, the results go to the Governor for his approval. At times, this can be a long process. But NOW is the time to reach out to the Governor's office in support of Dusty's release for a crime that he did not commit. We ask that you please write these people to ask for Dusty's release and show your support.

The Honorable Governor Ralph S. Northam
Office of the Governor
PO Box 1475
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Kelly Thomasson
Secretary of the Commonwealth
Patrick Henry Building
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Please mail these letters to Dusty's counsel, David Hargett at:

Hargett Law
11545 Nuckols Road, Suite C
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059



Another way you can show your support for Dusty is to contribute to holiday care packages.  A few years ago, the prison institutions started allowing holiday packages for snacks and food.  The program has expanded to a quarterly basis.  I have been purchasing these packages for my son and other inmates as well.  Other expenses include stamps, envelopes, phone bills, music players, and downloaded music and programs for him to work on. I am NOT asking for funds to travel to visit Dusty.  But I am asking for funding for these regularly recurring expenses, such as the care packages and money on his account to call home. You can donate toward these expenses at GoFundMe.

3. If you are moved by this story of what has happened to Dustin Turner, we urge you to sign a petition either at MoveOn.org OR at Change.org!

4. Please contact the Governor of Virginia, Ralph S. Northam:

Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone Numbers:
Office: (804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351
TTY/TDD (For the deaf or hard-of-hearing): 1-800-828-1120, or 711

Email via website:

5. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us via email at